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  • How do I rent a trailer?
    On our main page, click on "Rental Form", this will take you down to the rental section, complete the form, once submitted, you will receive an invoice in your email, pay your invoice, we will send the code to our gate and the code to your trailer via email, and you can pickup your trailer at the time you requested. Remember you can request a trailer 24/7.
  • What if I forgot to bring back the tongue lock?
    When customers forget to bring back the tongue lock. We allow a 48 hour grace period for you to bring the tongue lock back at no cost to you. At that 48 hour mark, if you have not returned the tongue lock, you will be charged the full price for the tongue lock. So, go ahead an slap that bad boy on one of your personal trailers, because you officially own it.
  • Why is my dump trailer squirting fluid everywhere?
    Dump trailers have an on board battery. When the battery is fully charged, they are typically good for 1-3 dumps, depending on the weight of the load. Once the battery is discharged at or below 10.5 volts, you begin to damage the internals of the battery. We highly recommend that you use a battery booster or jumper cables if you are doing more than 3 dumps in a day without charging. If you do not, this will result in you damaging the battery beyond repair and you could be responsible for buying a new battery.
  • Am I tax exempt?
    Rental Type Explanation Rentals to a Public AgencyA public agency is exempt from motor vehicle rental tax. A public agency includes the federal government; an open-enrollment charter school; a department, commission, board, office, institution or other agency of the state of Texas or of a county, city, town, school district, hospital district, water district or other special district, authority or political subdivision created by or pursuant to the constitution or the statutes of Texas. An organization can receive federal or state funds and still not be entitled to an exemption from motor vehicle rental tax. Rentals to a Church or Religious SocietyA qualified church or religious society is exempt from paying motor vehicle rental tax if the motor vehicle is used primarily (at least 80 percent of the time) by the church or religious society and not used primarily for the personal or official use of a minister. A church or religious society is an organized group of people regularly associating for the sole purpose of holding, conducting and sponsoring religious worship according to the rites of the group. Rentals for Re-RentalAny entity in the business of renting motor vehicles can rent a vehicle tax free to hold for re-rental, if they have an active rental permit account. Rentals to Farmers and RanchersFarm machines and farm trailers used primarily (at least 80 percent of the time) for farming and ranching, including the raising of poultry and operation of feedlots, are exempt from motor vehicle rental tax. The qualified farm trailer/vehicle must be used on a farm or ranch. in the production of crops, livestock or other agricultural products to be sold in the regular course of business. A farm or ranch includes a dairy farm, commercial orchard, commercial greenhouse, feedlot or a similar commercial agricultural operation that is the original producer of agricultural products. Renters must provide a current Texas Agricultural and Timber Exemption Registration Number (Ag/Timber Number) issued by the Comptroller’s office in order to claim this exemption. Tax is due if the renter does not have an Ag/Timber Number. Rentals to Timber OperatorsTimber machines and trailers used primarily (at least 80 percent of the time) in timber operations are exempt from motor vehicle rental tax. Timber machines and trailers qualify for exemption if they are used in the production of timber, including land preparation, planting, maintenance and gathering of trees commonly grown for commercial timber. Renters must provide a current Ag/Timber Number issued by the Comptroller’s office in order to claim this exemption. Tax is due if a renter does not have an Ag/Timber Number. Rentals to a Child Care FacilityMotor vehicles used or rented by a qualified residential child care facility and used primarily to transport children residing at the facility are exempt from motor vehicle rental tax. A qualifying residential child care facility is a facility that is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) under Human Resources Code Chapter 42 to provide residential care 24 hours a day and provides this care in a single residential group to children who do not require specialized services or treatment, and to children who are emotionally disturbed. Use the DFPS online search to find qualified facilities. Rentals to a Volunteer Fire Department and Certain Emergency Medical Service ProvidersRental tax does not apply to the rental of a fire truck; emergency medical services vehicle as defined by Health and Safety Code Section 773.003, Definitions; or other motor vehicles used exclusively for firefighting purposes or for emergency medical services when purchased by a volunteer fire department; a nonprofit emergency medical service provider that receives a federal income tax exemption under Section 501(a), Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of 1986, as an organization described by Section 501(c)(3), IRC of 1986; or an emergency medical service provider to which Transportation Code Section 502.456, Emergency Services Vehicles, applies.
  • What do I need to rent tax free?
    When renting tax-free to someone who can claim an exemption, you must attach Form 14-305 (Back), Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) to your rental contract. Exemption certificates show information about the vehicle and the renter, including the reason the renter is claiming the exemption. For a certificate to be valid it must be completed and signed by your customer or their authorized representative. Customers claiming the rental for re-rental exemption must include their motor vehicle rental tax permit number. Use the Comptroller’s online Motor Vehicle Taxpayer Status Search to verify that your customer’s rental tax permit is active. Customers claiming the farm and timber related exemptions must include their Ag/Timber Number. Use the Comptroller’s online Ag/Timber Number Search to verify that your customer’s Ag/Timber Number is active. If you frequently make exempt rentals to the same customer, you do not have to get an exemption certificate for each rental. You must link specific invoices or rental contracts to the exempt customer in your records.
  • How do I do a Haul Off?
    On our main page, click on "Haul Form", this will take you down to the haul-off section, complete the form, once submitted, you will receive an invoice in your email, pay your invoice, we will deliver your trailer to the job site. We will communicated via phone or text, giving you updates when your trailer has left our yard and estimated time of arrival. For pickup, please either call, text, or email us letting us know the trailer is ready for pick up. Please read all of the details located in our haul off section before requesting. Thank you.
  • What is Pro Rental Protection?
    The PRP program offered by Take-A-Dump enables customers to significantly reduce their potential financial liability on rental equipment when it is lost or damaged. PRP stays in effect as long as the equipment is rented to keep you focused on the job at hand, not worrying about repair charges! It is not Insurance.
  • What is covered?
    Coverage includes, but is not limited to, up to 75% of the repair cost of the following common losses: -Accidental damage to Take-A-Dump equipment -Repairable punctures to tires -Damage to doors, jack, tarp, fenders, axles, chains, and coupler
  • How much does the PRP cost?
    The fee for the PRP is 20% of the rental amount. No PRP fee is applied to purchases, delivery charges, or tax.
  • What if I don’t want the PRP?
    The PRP is automatically applied to each rental. Customers are welcome to choose to not participate in the PRP and retain 100% liability for the full cost of all damage and loss for the duration of the rental. The customer MUST OPT OUT by notifying Take-A-Dump BEFORE LEAVING OUR YARD for EACH RENTAL.
  • What is not covered?
    The customer must take reasonable measures to protect against loss or damage. NEGLIGENCE & ABUSE ARE NOT COVERED. Cleaning fees are not covered by PRP. Loss of tongue locks or rented hitches is not covered by PRP. Damage to tires that is not commercially repairable by patch (e.g. sidewall and shoulder punctures and gashes) are not covered by PRP). PRP coverage does not cover loss, theft, or damage to equipment ramps that many of the trailers have.
  • How do I use PRP?
    It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Take-A-Dump and file a report within 5 hours of the occurrence to evaluate the cause of the loss or damage. In the event of theft or vandalism, the customer must also file a police report, and a copy of the report is to be provided to Take-A-Dump. If Take-A-Dump Personnel deems that the damage or loss was not caused by negligence or abuse, the customer will be covered according to terms and conditions of PRP. TAKE-A-DUMP personnel will determine if the loss and/or damage of rented item(s) was caused by customer negligence or abuse. If, in the opinion of Take-A-Dump personnel, the damage or loss was due to customer negligence or abuse, the customer is solely responsible for the cost to bring the rented item(s) back to their original condition or pay for the item at the most recent posted value if deemed by Take-A-Dump to be damaged beyond repair or the item(s) was lost or stolen. Vandalism, malicious mischief, theft or conversion of the Equipment, unless an Authorized Operator promptly files with the applicable public authorities (and promptly provides to Take-A-Dump within 5 hours) a formal written theft, vandalism or conversion report; ) leaving locks or keys, if any, in the Equipment while that Equipment is not locked or otherwise secured, regardless of whether or not a report was filed; exposure to corrosive materials; overloading of the equipment or any component of the equipment, exceeding rated capacity of equipment; damage due to Acts of God, such as floods, wind, storms or earthquakes; costs associated with recovery/extrication of unit; and failing to check, document, and report tire pressure of all tires DAILY.
  • What are typical repair cost?
    Cost of labor for repairs will be either the Take-A-Dump repair facility’s posted labor rate or the cost charged to Take-A-Dump by a third party repairer. Cost of parts for repairs will be either the Take-A-Dump repair facility’s current retail price or the cost charged to Take-A-Dump by a third party vendor. If the Equipment is repaired by a third party vendor, Take-A-Dump shall charge an administrative charge of 10% of the total repair costs, not to exceed $500. The fee for loss of use shall be the full daily rental rate of the Equipment. The following table represents cost estimates for many common repairs.
  • What are the terms and conditions of PRP?
    Rental Protection Plan This Pro Rental Protection plan (“PRP”) is an optional product described in this addendum (the “Addendum”) modifies the terms and conditions of the rental agreement entered by and between TAD and you as the customer, also known as “You” or “Customer”, in the rental agreement. NOTICE: FOR ALL RENTALS OF UNITS, YOU MUST EITHER SHOW PROOF OF SATISFACTORY PROPERTY INSURANCE THAT IS CONFIRMED IN WRITING AS BEING ACCEPTABLE BY TAD OR PURCHASE THE PRP AS CONTAINED HEREIN. THE PURCHASE OF THE PRP IS NOT MANDATORY AND CAN BE DECLINED IF YOU HAVE PROOF OF INSURANCE SATISFACTORY TO TAD THAT IS CONFIRMED IN WRITING AS BEING ACCEPTABLE BY TAD. PRP IS NOT INSURANCE WITHIN THE MEANING OF FEDERAL OR STATE LAW. PRP IS OFFERED TO YOU AND MUST BE EXECUTED SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH YOUR AGREEMENT, OR THE PRP IS NOT VALID. PRP OFFERS NO LIABILITY COVERAGE FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE, PRP OFFERS A DAMAGE WAIVER TO LIMIT YOUR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE TO, OR THEFT OF, THE UNITS. BEFORE DECIDING WHETHER TO PURCHASE THE DAMAGE WAIVER, YOU SHOULD DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR OWN INSURANCE COVERAGE AFFORDS YOU COVERAGE FOR DAMAGE TO OR THEFT OF THE UNITS AND THE AMOUNT OF THE DEDUCTIBLE UNDER YOUR OWN INSURANCE COVERAGE. PLEASE READ THIS ADDENDUM CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING. TERMS AND CONDITIONS In return for the additional consideration for this PRP, TAD agrees as follows: 1. DAMAGE WAIVER Subject to the conditions set forth herein, TAD waives its right to collect amounts from Customer exceeding 50% of the cost of loss or repairs, up to $500, plus state and local taxes, from losses arising from theft of or direct physical damage to the Units. TAD retains its right to collect the full cost of loss or repair that exceeds $500. 2. USER Customer agrees that Customer shall be the only driver or user of the Units, and that Customer will not use the Units in violation of any terms of the agreement with TAD, or the law. 3. EXCLUSIONS TAD will not waive any claim for loss or damage to tires and tubes that is not repairable by commercial patching caused by blow out, bruises, cuts, punctures, or other causes inherent in the use of the Units or resulting from intentional abuse or misuse of the Units. Customer shall remain exclusively liable for all such losses, notwithstanding any of the terms of the PRP. 4. FEE Customer shall pay a fee equal to 20% of the rental charges under the Agreement, plus applicable state and local taxes, in exchange for participation in the PRP as set forth in this agreement.
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