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3 Ways a Dump Trailer Rental Will Help Your Roofing

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

When it comes to removing trash from roofing jobs, having the right equipment is a good idea. One good idea for any roofer is a dump trailer. Renting a dump trailer offers a lot of advantages in your roofing business. In this blog, we will explore three reasons why renting a dump trailer can help your roofing business.


1. You Save Money and Time Not Going to the Dump:

Every roofer knows the more roofs you put on the more money you make. If your guys have to spend a few hours extra per roofing job going to the dump that is time and money wasted. When you choose a dump trailer rental service, you save on average 2-3 hours and all the payroll cost of sending your guys to the dump. Also, who likes having their nice roofing truck show up smelling and looking like the trash at the dump?

2. Owning a Dump Trailer Cost A lot:

Dump trailers are super expensive now days, a 15 yard dump trailer cost around $14-$15,000 at the time of writing this. That is $15k you will have to fork up before you do your first roof. Or, I know you're going to "finance", well now you end up paying closer to $22,000. And on top of that trailers have to be maintained, which can get pricey in the roofing business. When you rent a dump trailer you only pay for what you use, so if you don't have a job lined up you don't have to pay anything. When the tires on a rental trailer finally wear out, they pay for it, not you! Oh, and you can expense your rental fees. All this keeps more money in your pocket when you need it.

3. What Do You Do When You Have Lots of Jobs:

As you grow your roofing company you will find that you will have many roofs to do in one day. Are you going to spend $15k per trailer to do these jobs? Or worse, $22k per trailer if you finance? No, that's a lot of money out of your pocket. Also, where will you store these trailers? It is a lot of money buying, maintaining, and storing dump trailers. It is better to find a rental company that offers "haul-off" services. Then schedule trailers to be at the job as you need them!

If you are looking to grow your roofing company, it makes more sense to use dump trailer rental service, then to dump a ton of money and time into owning one. Focus on marketing, customer service, and finishing the jobs. Let the expensive equipment and dumping be someone else's problem. We hope this blog has been helpful. Take-A-Dump can help you with your next roofing job. Schedule your next haul-off through our website,

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